Viva la Weekend

The majority of us spend all week pining for the weekend, only to be disappointed by long to-do list that needs to be

fulfilled leaving us with only one day to relax. How do you squeeze in a little adventure? I have a few tips that may help you avoid wasted weekends:

Weekend Panda

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1. Create your to-do list on Sunday night. Plan it for the entire week and divide your list up between the days. Work hard during the week to complete everything. Do your grocery shopping and errands during the week and free up your weekends. (Try, todoist)

2. Don’t be spontaneous…at least not all the time. Contrary to popular belief, adventure can be planned. You have to be in the right place at the right time to have those memorable, once in a lifetime moments. Plan at least one fun thing, one new restaurant or a gathering with friends.

3. Add Friday into your weekend. Most Friday nights, I find myself too exhausted by the work week to include it as part of my weekend. Friday nights are great for nice dinners or casual hangouts if your a little too tired to do anything that requires lots of energy.

Valentine’s Day Plans for Procrastinators

e981d90f3e32b5ab3d7edc8ace095719Crap! Valentine’s Day is this weekend!¬†After a debate with my husband about whose turn it is to plan Valentine’s Day this year, I’ve decided to simplify things for myself (and hopefully you too). Here are a few tips to avoid the disappointment in your significant other’s eyes:


1. Eat at home. If you’ve waited until the last minute, no worries. Even the fanciest restaurants do take out that you can plate at home. Break out the good china!

Bonus:  Enjoy that expensive Champagne that you love at almost half the price. By dining at home, you can avoid the ridiculous markup of your favorite wines or champagnes by purchasing them from the store. Some wine bars and restaurants also offer a retail discount on purchased bottles.

2.Celebrating the day before is also an option. Most restaurants extend their Valentine’s Day menus throughout the entire weekend.

3. Plan a desert date. Make reservations later in the evening and enjoy desert and wine instead.

4. Cook a gourmet meal together. You don’t have to be a chef to make this happen. All you need is Pinterest and a good bottle of wine. Buy a dessert from your local bakery (or Cheesecake Factory). Splurge on ingredients and buy fresh herbs. Quality ingredients can turn the simplest meal into a culinary masterpiece.

5. Skip the gift exchange. While it’s tempting to purchase another department fragrance with all the gift sets on display, don’t waste your money. Invest in creating an experience instead.


Hitting Reset

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We’re a couple of weeks into the New Year, and some of us have gotten off to a good start on our resolutions, while the rest of us could use a little push. The best way to start a new mode of behavior or get on the right foot is to ‘hit reset’. If you have fitness goals, participating in a fast or detox can help reset your eating habits. Spend the weekend cleaning up your home from top to bottom, or a couple of hours cleaning out your inbox. Creating a clean state is the first step to starting good habits.

Something New…

My most important New Year’s resolution is to have more new and exciting experiences. I plan to travel more, be a little more adventurous in my dining choices and meet some new people. So I thought, ‘Why not share my experiences?’. Follow me on this journey and learn as I learn. I hope to inspire others to experience some new things and meet their New Year’s resolutions as well.